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     Lac Ste Anne is a beautiful recreational lake which gave its' name to the County of Lac Ste Anne. The lake is about 54 square kilometres and approximately 9 meters at the deepest point and has an average depth of 4 1/2 meters. The Western end of the Lake has 2 Islands called Farming Island and Horse Island. This renowned lake is located only about 70 kilometres Northwest of Edmonton.

     Lac Ste Anne's South Shore is home to the Summer Village of West Cove, established in 1963, it now has about 170 permanent and 600 temporary residents.  West Cove is a proud supporter of Lac Ste Anne Multi-Use Trail Committee!  

     The Summer Village, Val Quentin, borders Alberta Beach. It ws officially established in 1960 and now has about 180 residents.  

      Along the South East shore is famed Alberta Beach! This Village is best known for tourism and recreation but Alberta Beach isn't just for summers, the Village has over 880 permanent residents with restaurants and shopping and is only about 60 km North West of Edmonton. There can be up to 3000 visitors or more during the warm summer months. Beachwave Park is across from the main public beach and has programs and activity areas for everyone, a skateboard park, baseball diamonds, outside skating rink which doubles as a tennis / volleyball court etc., in summer. The Village Office hours are Tuesday to Friday 9 am - 4 pm and is located at - 4935 50 Ave. Council meetings are held every 3rd Tues of the month at 7 pm.

     Sunset Point is nestled nicely along the South East shore of beautiful Lac Ste Anne. Officially established in January of 1959 as a Summer Village, Sunset Point quickly became a summer attraction for all who craved time away from the hectic life they led and just wanted to relax at a wonderful lake shore.  Sunset Point has a total population of 364, with 242 of them being fulltime, all year round. Because Sunset Point is only about 75 Km Northwest of Edmonton, convenience and amenities are available just 40 minutes away!

     Enjoy the scenic drive on Ste Anne Trail and you'll come to Castle Island. This Summer Village is an actual Island on the East shore of Lac Ste Anne.   

     The Hamlet of Gunn was named after Peter Gunn. Born in Scotland, Peter Gunn moved to Canada and ran for election to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta in 1909. After winning a second term in 1913 he retired from politics. Gunn is on the North East Shore of Lac Ste Anne and Highway 43 - the Alaska Highway with an approximate population of 100. Summer Villages, Yellowstone Northern   

     Ross Haven on the Northern point of Lac Ste Anne, was established in 1962. 198 permanent residents call this Summer Village home all year and about 600 others take advantage of Ross Haven's great seasonal attractions.

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