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Lac Ste. Anne County is a municipal district located in central Alberta, Canada, northwest of Edmonton on highway 43, (also known as the Alaska Highway). This municipal district has a population of over 10,000 and covers an area of over 3000 km sq. Lac Ste. Anne County has several attractions which include but are not limited to, Lessard Lake Campground, and Lessard Lake Outdoor Education Center, the Paddle River Dam recreational area, and the George Pegg Botanical Garden. The County also organizes the Lac Ste. Anne County Pilgrimage, an old historic traditional gathering which takes place yearly. Lac Ste. Anne has several protected and recreational areas, public parks and campgrounds.

Go to:   
   http://www.lsac.ca and see the official Lac Ste Anne County web site.

Go to: http://www.lsac.ca/departments/administration/county-map to see a scalable pdf map of Lac Ste anne County

For more information on the treasures to be found in Lac Ste Anne County follow the link provided!  www.lacsteannelifestyles.com

Towns Hamlets Villages Summer Villages
Mayerthorpe Sangudo Alberta Beach Birch Cove
Onoway Rochfort Bridge   Castle Island
  Cherhill   Nakamun Park
  Glenevis   Ross Haven
  Gunn   Silver Sands
  Green Court   South View
  Rich Valley   Sunrise Beach
      Sunset Point
      Sandy Beach
      Val Quentin
      Warwa Estates
      West Cove

Neighbouring Counties include the County of Barrhead, Parkland County, Sturgeon County, Woodlands County, and Yellowhead County.

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